How to Be a Better Salesperson


No one wants to be an average salesperson. Being an average or below average salesperson will likely not get you the comfort you want in your life because you will not be closing enough sales and making enough money. No matter how good or bad of a salesperson you are, there is always room to improve. To be a better salesperson it can help to read sales training books and attend sales training programs. While these methods can be a huge help, one thing you should never forget is the importance of customer service. Paying attention to your customer can help inform your pitch and most importantly your closing technique. Improving your customer service skills can have a huge impact on improving your sales technique and most importantly increasing your sales.


When selling to people pay attention to their concerns. Knowing what concerns your customer about a car or aspect of the sale can help you adapt your sales approach to their concerns. For example, if they are worried about the price you can employ an economic closing technique that addresses these concerns and assures the customer that they are getting the best deal possible and that it is within their budget. Knowing what worries your customer can help you make them feel more comfortable with the deal and help with closing. Visit for more information.


Everyone interested in buying a car has specific features they need and some that they would like to have as an added bonus. You should listen to them and know what they are after the first time the customer tells you. This can help you point them in the right direction and find the best vehicle possible that checks off the majority of their list. This can also help with the check-list car sales closing techniques because you are showing them a vehicle that meets all of their desires and needs. From here closing the deal can be a lot quicker than just guessing what they would like.


Possibly most important of all regarding customer service is making the customer like you. Having a friendly approach can help assure the customer that you are a good person and that they like you. By making them feel heard they are going to be more relaxed and ready to make a purchase. Best of all by taking the time to get to know the customer you are able to match your closing technique to the one that best fits the customer. Therefore not only does good customer service benefit the customer, but it also benefits you.


Becoming a better salesperson will take some work. Reading top sales training books and attending sales training courses are a good start, but you should not forget the importance of customer service and knowing your customer. Perfecting your customer service skills can make your client feel more comfortable, inform you of their concerns and needs, and help you choose the best closing technique for your sale. There are a lot of skills that go into being a good car salesperson, but it is important to not undervalue customer service.